Fimmvorduhals Hike, 7/24/2018

Wow. This is the least Chrissy and myself could say after finishing the Fimmvorduhals Trek in southern Iceland. This 15.5 mile hike takes you from sea level, essentially, up to about 3,400 ft above sea level, then drops you back 2,700 feet or so into a lush valley. I just want to leave you with a collection of photographs, and then a bit about logistics.


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Kayaking DuPage River Main Branch 5/8/2018

    Put-in: Private residence near 95th/Kings Rd Take out: Riverview Farmstead Preserve, Will County Forest Preserve Time: 1h40m Gage: 05540130 110 cfs, 4.75 ft ; 05540290 200 cfs, 7.4 ft Feeling stuck between two 6 day workweeks (for myself), Chrissy and I decided to go for a short getaway on the main branch of the DuPage River. We dipped in right behind a friend’s house just near the confluence of the East and West Branch at about 5:50. Getting setup and running a shuttle always takes so much longer than I want it to!  But, alas, with getting set being the … Continue reading Kayaking DuPage River Main Branch 5/8/2018

Hiking Shades State Park 3/22/18 ✶✶✶✶✶

Given the impending start of farm season and the imminent decline of free time, I thought it crucial that Chrissy and I got out to Indiana–yes, Indiana–for a good hiking getaway. We drove 3-3.5 hours to an airbnb outside of Crawfordsville, Indiana, for a chance to hike at Shades and Turkey Run State Parks. Before this trip, I think I’d be hesitant to drive that long for a weekend (Fri-Sun), but my mind is changed, and I am thankful for having it changed. We got, for late March in the midwest, pretty good weather–high 40’s and sunny each day! I … Continue reading Hiking Shades State Park 3/22/18 ✶✶✶✶✶

Lunar Eclipse at Starved Rock State Park

With a lunar eclipse–and blue moon-coming very early in the morning on January 31st, we decided to make the most out of it. Coming back to Chicago’s favorite state park, Starved Rock, we got a room at the historic lodge, and crashed for a night before waking up at 5:30 to (hopefully) check out a total lunar eclipse–Illinois astronomy is often clouded out. As we snuck out the back door of the lodge and started fumbling our way, in the dark, towards starved rock, we looked up–scared to see clouds–and, thankfully, saw just very few scattered clouds and a big, … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse at Starved Rock State Park