Growing up in a patchwork of prairie, cornfields, and ever-expanding subdivisions outside of Chicago, I enjoyed spending a lot of my time growing up walking through small patches of preserved open space, savoring the quiet and solitude as an antidote to the loud and frenetic classrooms and practice fields of my youth.

I majored in Environmental Studies at a small liberal arts college on the other side of Chicagoland, working summers towards restoring patches of prairies much like the ones I’d done most of my growing up on, learning to love the feeling of waking up early, grounded so much in an exact place with a work crew that felt, at times, more like family than coworkers.

After college, I moved to Colorado, learning to live tall, tall mountains as much as I did widespreading, deep-rooted prairies.

Moving back a year or so later, I happened to find a job on an organic farm close to where I grew up, and I worked there for two full seasons, learning the ins and outs of mid-sized vegetables farming, and brushing up on my Spanish, too.

This past summer I worked in California on a guest farm, growing food for a kitchen that fed 70-90 people for three meals most days the whole summer.

It is so important to connect, deeply, with the wholeness of the planet that we can experience–through food and friends and family, and through adventure and wilderness, too. I’m hoping to show you a wilder side of Chicago.


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