Fimmvorduhals Hike, 7/24/2018

Wow. This is the least Chrissy and myself could say after finishing the Fimmvorduhals Trek in southern Iceland. This 15.5 mile hike takes you from sea level, essentially, up to about 3,400 ft above sea level, then drops you back 2,700 feet or so into a lush valley. I just want to leave you with a collection of photographs, and then a bit about logistics.



Logistics! So as promised, I’d give some advice. We tried to hitchhike from Hvolsvollur to Skogar–hitchhiking in Iceland is safe, but we found it about as time effective as taking a bus, getting there at the same time (and having left slightly earlier, too). The entire hike took us about 9 hours, because we (stupidly) rushed to catch our bus. My advice? Don’t rush. Soak in this incredible experience. Get a bed for 60 bucks or so each at the hiker’s huts at the end of the trail. Get a bus the next day from one of the several companies.

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