Kayaking DuPage River Main Branch 5/8/2018




Put-in: Private residence near 95th/Kings Rd
Take out: Riverview Farmstead Preserve, Will County Forest Preserve
Time: 1h40m
Gage: 05540130 110 cfs, 4.75 ft ; 05540290 200 cfs, 7.4 ft

Feeling stuck between two 6 day workweeks (for myself), Chrissy and I decided to go for a short getaway on the main branch of the DuPage River. We dipped in right behind a friend’s house just near the confluence of the East and West Branch at about 5:50. Getting setup and running a shuttle always takes so much longer than I want it to! 

But, alas, with getting set being the most difficult part and well behind us, we dipped our boats in and set off. The glide of the water felt so refreshing, particularly framed against a pretty hectic day at work and on an 85 degree day. 



Sun setting, we enjoyed an intentionally ultra short, almost totally flatwater paddle. 

As expected on our home river, herons of both the great blue and white varieties abound. Tons of birds flew round us, as the sun began to drop precipitously towards the horizon.   

Chrissy spotted several deer and also scared away a raccoon. I helped point out at least two muskrats along the way, and we could hear the drone of spring frogs along with the drone of the two roads we crossed under. 

We also tried to push up Springbrook Creek–an absurd name for a body of water, I feel–but were quickly stymied by the lack of water in the bed.  Something to try when the Naperville gage ticks past 110 cfs!

Getting to the takeout at 7:30, refreshed from an easy dip, we threw one kayak on my car and went to run the post-paddle shuttle. Coming back to pick up the second kayak solo, I got this staring me in my face: 


And I felt super welcomed, of course, by a chained and locked fence with a stop sign. It was past sunset, of course, by ten minutes. So I had to walk the longish entrance road about half a mile and get my kayak, then walk with it on my back to the car and put it up. Felt like a long night, getting everything unpacked around 9 oclock (I wake up at 5 am for work). 

Totally worth it. 


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