Lunar Eclipse at Starved Rock State Park

With a lunar eclipse–and blue moon-coming very early in the morning on January 31st, we decided to make the most out of it. Coming back to Chicago’s favorite state park, Starved Rock, we got a room at the historic lodge, and crashed for a night before waking up at 5:30 to (hopefully) check out a total lunar eclipse–Illinois astronomy is often clouded out.

As we snuck out the back door of the lodge and started fumbling our way, in the dark, towards starved rock, we looked up–scared to see clouds–and, thankfully, saw just very few scattered clouds and a big, gleaming moon hanging 45 degrees or so over the horizons of the Illinois River.

We watched the moon disappear behind the clouds as the sun began to rise to our backs, up the Illinois River. Eagles and birds of all sorts began to stir and sing. My phone doesn’t take pictures that do this justice, but I will remember being on Starved Rock, a powerful place, with just Chrissy, watching the moon disappear and the sun rise, for quite some time.



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